Bathroom trends for 2022

Are you thinking about updating your bathroom in 2022? Over the last few years, you might have become settled in your home and have grown used to the way your bathroom looks. Whether it is small, big, modern, or vintage, your bathroom might have certain problems or potential areas of improvement that you have been unable to solve or address on your own.

That’s why it might be time for you to update your bathroom with the latest styles that could open up the room and make it even more of a dream to bathe in. Here are the latest bathroom trends that 2022 has to offer you.

  1. Black accents

If you are interested in adding a sleek look to your bathroom, try to include some black accents. You don’t want to add too many dark colours to your bathroom or else it will look overwhelming and absorb the light.

Instead, black and neutral colours together can give hints of drama without going ‘over the top’. If you want to add some depth to your bathroom, try using black lights and faucets to get started.

  • Fake wood tiles

Whether you are looking for bathroom fitters and installers in Essex or you are considering doing some work in your bathroom yourself, the best fake wood tiles will look stylish and contain all of the texture of real wood.

Moreover, the right fake wood tiles will be more practical than real wood. Instead of being a slipping hazard, such tiles can be easily cleaned. These types of tiles can also be extremely aesthetic and can be used on both the floor and wall.

  • Cottage core styles

You may have seen a recent trend going around social media when it comes to the aesthetic of housing. This is known as cottage core. ‘Cottage core’ is where a room will resemble a rustic environment. If you apply this idea to a bathroom, it will look laid-back and welcoming.

To achieve this look, keep to soft, warm colours and try and apply a lot of textures to the room. Once you have completed this in your bathroom, try and add some additional items, including candles, towels, gentle lights, and specific areas to place shampoos and shower gels.

  • Wet rooms

If you are thinking about adding a larger area to clean yourself up in, without there being clutter around a bathroom or shower unit, you may want to create a wet room. This is where you can stand and use a glass screen to separate the different areas of your bathroom. By doing this, you can utilise the space in your bathroom and plumbing without it becoming small and cramped.

  • A natural bathroom

One of the biggest trends of 2022 is to bring the natural world into the bathroom. Don’t just layer in pots of plants and flowers in your bathroom; instead, you can have areas that can be covered in grass around your walls, bathtub, and showers. You can even include bamboo and running water to add a tranquil sound to your bathroom. That way, you can create your very own outdoor spa within your indoor bathroom.

Would you like to discuss with our own professionals what we could do to help bring your bathroom the look and feel you desire for it in 2022? If so, you are very welcome to give us a call or send us an email today, right here at HGM Mechanical.