How Efficient Is Underfloor Heating?

Underflooring Heating was invented back in 5,000BC which is hard to believe, discovered in North Korea. But in the 1960s in Canada the first wet underfloor heating system was invented and from then onwards it became popular all around the globe with Korea being the leading users as nearly all residential buildings had the system installed. Within this article we will talk about the many positives of installing underflooring heating in your home.

Installed into various homes

Underfloor heating is so versatile and can be installed in any home whether it’s an old building or a brand-new new build. This is often added to all the new builds to increase the value of the property even further and many people are looking to upgrade their current home to the modern standards.

Also, these systems can be installed efficiently within as little as 1-2 days depending on the project but can easily work around your schedules which would be suitable for short-term home renovations and new builds on a time deadline.

Energy efficient

Underfloor heating provides more radiant heat which means the transfer of heat is a lot more even throughout the room and heats from the floor above, therefore resulting in more consistent, efficient warmth. The traditional radiator, needs to be heated to high temperatures before the room is heated effectively whereas underfloor heating doesn’t need to run to those high temperatures to start feeling the effects of the heating, therefore reducing your energy consumption which will lower your overall bills. Underfloor heating achieves this by using the on-wall thermostat to reach the desired temperature without overheating and using more energy than required. On average there are savings of 15% on heating bills when using underfloor heating.

Low maintenance

Once the installation process is complete the systems require no upkeep, and maybe just every now and then will be serviced to make sure everything is working correctly for your piece of mind. This will also save you money as you will not need to have an electrical engineer come out on a regular basis.


For the more fussy, interior designers, you do not have to worry about having radiators in your rooms and planning your new build with radiators in mind as these can be a nuisance, allowing you full freedom when designing. Also, free to choose your preferred floor type as underflooring heating works with most flooring including stone, tile, laminate and carpet.


Compared to radiators you have no worry of sharp edges or hot surfaces which could be a danger to young children, this is not a problem as its safely tucked out the way under the floor. The radiant heat produced by this system is a lot fresher and produces higher levels of oxygen compared to the radiator which could cause discomfort due to the extreme temperatures.

Overall, there are endless reasons as to why you should invest your money in underfloor heating as they are the most energy efficient, value for money systems which will only increase the comfort and value of your property.