How to cut your energy costs

Energy prices have been rising steadily over recent years, with some experts predicting this is a trend that could continue for several more years. Energy costs are one of the largest expenses faced by many households and can be a cause of a great deal of stress and anxiety. In just a few short steps, we will look at how to cut energy costs, and save money for the household.

Some of the best ideas for how to cut energy costs in winter include:

  • Insulate Your Home Properly

This may seem like an obvious tip but it’s surprising just how much heat can escape through poorly insulated walls and doors. If you’re looking to make big savings on your energy bill, insulating your house is essential. You should also check if there are any areas in your home where air leaks out. These areas need to be sealed off or repaired.

  • Use Efficient Appliances

If you’ve got a washing machine, dishwasher, or tumble dryer, they all use electricity to work. It makes sense to buy the most efficient models available so that you don’t waste as much power. The same goes for other electrical items such as computers, televisions, and stereos. Opting for additions such as heat pump installers can also make a big difference.

Energy-efficient units and appliances tend to cost a little more than their cheaper counterparts, but the benefits will soon become obvious in the long run; you will save enough money on your energy bills in the long run to make the initial investment well worth it.

Many devices also now come with built-in energy savers, including TVs, laptops, microwaves, and refrigerators. You can also install timers and motion sensors to automatically turn things on and off at certain times.

  • Switch Off Lights When Not Using Them

It seems like common sense, but many people forget to turn the lights off when leaving a room. This wastes energy because the light bulb continues to burn even though no one is using the room. Turn them off whenever you leave the room, and remember to switch them back on again before returning.

  • Turn Down Heating And Cooling

You might think that turning down the heating would mean you’d get cold, but it can actually save you money. By reducing the temperature slightly you’ll reduce your energy usage considerably. Similarly, cooling systems often use less energy when set to a lower temperature.

  • Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular, and not only do they provide a renewable source of energy, but they also help keep your home cool during the summer months. They can also generate extra income from selling excess energy back into the grid.

  • Switch To LED Lighting

LED lighting uses up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs are also far brighter than standard bulbs, meaning you won’t need as many of them to create the same amount of light. Once again, they can be more expensive in the short term, but the benefits will soon outweigh the initial cost.

  • Get An Energy-Saving Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature in different rooms throughout the day. This means you can adjust the settings according to what time of day you want to sleep, relax, or study.

This type of device can also allow you to save money by adjusting the temperature based on whether you are at home or away. For example, if you’re out shopping, you could have the heating turned down while you’re gone.

  • Use A Programmable Timer

Programmable timers allow you to schedule regular events such as turning on the kettle every morning or switching the lights on and off at specific times. These can be very useful if you have children who regularly wake up early.

Your Next Steps

If you are serious about looking for new ways to reduce your energy bills, where better to turn to for help than the pros? We offer a wide range of services designed to make sure you get the most out of your energy bill and ensure that your home is efficient and working in the best way for you.

Get in touch, and we’ll see how we can help decide the best way to cut your energy costs today.