How To Know When You Need A New Boiler

When do I need a new boiler? How do I know if I need a new boiler? Is it time to have my boiler replaced? These can be tough questions – especially as they can come with a hefty price tag.

Boiler replacement is a big decision. The cost of replacing a boiler can vary from £500 to over £1,000 depending on the size of your home, and whether you choose a gas or electric boiler. If you don’t want to spend thousands of pounds every year on heating bills, then you need to consider changing your boiler sooner rather than later.

Below, we take a closer look at the signs that your boiler may need replacing, and set out the essentials of what you ought to know.

What Are The Signs That My Boiler Needs Replacing?

Some of the main signs that your boiler may need replacing include:

  • You Have No Hot Water or Heating

One of the main signs that your boiler might need replacing is that you have no hot water in your home – this is a clear indication that your boiler isn’t working properly. This could mean that there are problems with your boiler itself, or it could also indicate that there are issues with your plumbing system. Either way, if you notice that your hot water has stopped coming through, or that you aren’t getting any heat in your house, this is an indication that you need to get your boiler replaced.

  • Your Boiler Is Making Too Much Noise

If you hear loud noises coming from your boiler, then this could be a sign that your boiler needs replacing. There are many different reasons why your boiler could make too much noise, but one of the most common causes is that your boiler is leaking. If you hear loud banging sounds coming from your boiler, or if you hear strange noises like clanging or rattling, this could be an indicator that your boiler needs replacing as soon as possible.

  • The Thermostat Isn’t Working Properly

If you find that your thermostat doesn’t seem to work properly, then this could be another sign that your boiler needs changing. Your thermostat controls how much energy your boiler uses, so if your thermostat stops working correctly, this could be indicative of a problem with your boiler. If you notice that your thermostat isn’t working, you should contact a professional immediately.

  • There’s Not Enough Heat In Your Home

Another major sign that your boiler needs to be changed is that there isn’t enough heat in your home – this is often the first indication of something being wrong. If you feel cold throughout your entire house, even during the summer months, this could be caused by a number of things. It could be because your boiler isn’t working properly, which means it isn’t producing enough heat for your home. Or it could be because your boiler is old and worn out, meaning it isn’t generating enough heat to keep your home warm.

  • Your Boiler Is Not Energy Efficient

If you notice that your boiler is using more energy than it used to, this could be yet another sign that your boiler is about to need replacing – especially as it could end up costing you more. If you notice that you’re spending more money on your electricity bill each month, this could be due to a number of factors – and a common issue is the boiler not being as efficient as it should be.

  • Your Boiler Breaks Down Often

If you notice that you‘re having to call a plumber quite frequently, this could be one of the biggest indicators that your boiler needs replacing – as it will only cost you more money to fix the problem over time. If you notice that the boiler breaks down regularly, this could be because the parts inside your boiler are wearing out, meaning they won’t last very long. As well as being expensive to repair, this can cause damage to other parts of your property, such as pipes and radiators.

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