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Commercial Ground & Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Air source heat pumps are a fantastic option when considering more renewable energy options to heat or power your new build homes or business premises. Installed to the outside of your premises, air source heat pumps extract renewable heat from the air, converting that air into heat and hot water that is easily accesible through your work place.

This in turn, gives you the power to heat radiators and provide domestic hot water for yourself and your staff in a more environmentally friendly way.

Commercial Heat Pumps

Ground or air source heat pumps are a great investment for commercial properties to ensure that your commercial space stays warm throughout the year and accommodates for both customers and employees within the building.

One initial downside many people view to investing in air and ground source heat pumps are the space they require however this is in stark contrast to the broad range of benefits heat pumps can provide.

In comparison to traditional heating systems, heat pumps can potentially lower energy bills and significantly lower the carbon emission levels of your building.

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Why Choose Us

Upgrading or initially committing to a new heating system can be daunting, so when deciding on a commercial air or ground source heat pump for a commercial property going with HGM will ensure that you have all of your queries and concerns answered by our professionals.

At HGM we take our reputation and service very seriously and will provide and fit high-quality standard commercial ground and air source heat pumps in any property within London and Essex, we hope to instil confidence in you that we will provide the best solution for your heating requirements.

Whatever property we are working with we will work hard to provide the best solution whether that be constraints of space or practical issues and help you navigate your decision to install a ground or air source heat pump and take advantage of the great systems we have in place.

Why Choose HGM?

Whatever the size of your commercial space, Air and Ground source heat pumps can change the way you receive energy. Get in touch today and we’ll provide you with a free, fairly priced quotation!

You can be assured we will bring the same professional and honest approach to delivering an exceptional air and ground source heat pump installation to your new build homes or work premises.

With various accreditations and years of experience, trust HGM to complete your product.

We always put deadlines in place that we stick to. Our jobs are carried out on time without the need to ever cut corners, keeping our extremely high standards intact when delivering you our Air and Ground source heat pump installation.

Our customers are always happy with our Air & Ground source heat pump installations. Our high standards and deadline keeping skills mean our customers constantly recommend us to other businesses and friends who are looking into Air & Ground source heat pumps, giving us 5 star reviews in the process!

Our Accreditations

Whether it be for a work place or other commercial premises such as schools or NHS buildings, an air and ground source heat pump can be installed to keep your residents or work force warm in a renewable, environmentally friendly way.

Common Questions

Although a large aspect of air source heat pumps are their ability to replace conventional central heating systems, certain air source heat pumps can also work as a cooling system in the summer months.

No, air source heat pumps can still extract heat when air temperatures are as low as -15°C.