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Installation of underfloor heating is a specialist job that needs to be undertaken by a fully trained, expert engineer like ourselves, especially in a business premises or working environment. Our qualified heating engineers have installed underfloor many times before with prestigious experience and total knowledge to back it up.

Underfloor heating is often a featured installation within new build homes to future proof and increase the value of a newer property. However, this makes it a lot rarer to find in a workplace. Despite this, underfloor heating can still generate huge benefits outside of a regular home.

If you just want to upgrade your business premises features or make a long term, money saving investment, get in touch today for a quote on exactly what you would like done to maximise your commercial office space or place of work throughout Essex or beyond.

Why Choose HGM?

Whatever the size of your business premise or new build home, underfloor heating can provide additional value and keep your workers and residents warm throughout the winter months. Get in touch today and we’ll provide you with a free, fairly priced quotation!

You can be assured we will bring the same professional and honest approach to delivering an exceptional underfloor heating installation to your school or NHS building.

With various accreditation’s and years of experience, trust HGM to complete your product.

We always put deadlines in place that we stick to. Our jobs are carried out on time without the need to ever cut corners, keeping our extremely high standards intact when delivering you our underfloor heating installation service.

Our customers are always happy with our underfloor heating installations. Our high standards and deadline keeping skills mean our customers constantly recommend us to other commercial industries looking to invest in underfloor heating in their office space, giving us 5 star reviews in the process!

Our Accreditations

Underfloor Heating Service & Checks


If you already have underfloor heating installed, it could well be worth having it checked.

Despite being maintenance free, we recommend underfloor heating systems should be checked at an annual rate ideally. When undertaking an annual boiler service, which we can also provide, underfloor heating checks can be taken out to ensure your underfloor heating system is working to its full capacity. An annual check will ensure your system is running as smoothly as possible year after year.

If we do find an issue, for example leaking, water fittings can be tightened or replaced instantly. Washers and seals that have worn out after years of service can also be replaced almost instantly.

Whatever is stopping your underfloor heating working to its full capacity can be diagnosed instantly and fixed the majority of the time on the same day whilst also having the peace of mind that your boiler is safely serviced for the next year.


Common Questions

Some people are put off by the fact they may lose floor height when installing underfloor heating to their business space or commercial premises. Although there is no definitive answer as it is often a case by case basis, different systems can be suggested to minimise loss of floor height.

We are fully insured company, so any issues will be dealt with correctly and swiftly. If there is any problem with your underfloor heating then we provide a quick response with one of our engineers coming to survey the situation the very same day or the day after.