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Boiler Installation in London & Essex

We only install reliable and efficient boilers, from boiler manufacturers that we trust ourselves and our experts have fantastic knowledge of. All of our boiler installations in London & Essex come with a manufacturer’s warranty period.

All of our boiler installations are taken out by our qualified experts who have fitted hundreds of boilers quickly, efficiently and safely over many years of installations.

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Essex boiler installation 

As a resident or business owner in an area such as Essex or London, you will want to be sure that when the time comes to have a new boiler installed at your property, you are working with the most reputable local company.

Here at HGM Mechanical, we can be that company, as we have long been for so many other people living and working in and around Essex.


What will you want from your boiler installation in Essex?

The answer to the above question might seem obvious; you will wish to benefit from a new boiler that is efficient, dependable, and good value for money.

It is easy to assume, though, that you can only access a genuinely tailored and bespoke boiler installation service in Essex, if you pay a serious premium for it. Fortunately, our team is committed to showing that you can receive such a professional and responsive service in the Essex area, without necessarily having to pay a great amount extra.

Of course, no Essex residential or business property is quite the same as the next, and this needs to be reflected in a boiler installation service, too.

So, whether you are located in London, Essex, or surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to call us now, on 01325 803 239. We can talk through your most specific needs and concerns, so that we fit only the type, make and model of boiler that you are absolutely confident in, for the right price.

When you get in touch with us, we will be able to arrange a free consultation and quote. This way, you will know exactly what you are spending on the fitting of your new boiler in Essex, and what you are getting for your money.

London boiler installation

When you live and/or work in London, the challenges that you face in arranging for a boiler to be installed may not be quite the same as the challenges encountered by homeowners and business owners based outside of the UK capital.

One major consideration for a lot of Londoners, for instance, is space. Your domestic or commercial property might be quite a small one. So, you may be appreciative of a boiler installation firm that is highly experienced in working with relatively tight and awkward spaces.

Sure enough, our own engineers at HGM Mechanical are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to such matters as which boiler models work well in which types of spaces. Our qualified professionals can work with you to help ensure the boiler that is eventually installed in your home or business premises is perfectly suited to your every need.

A great-value boiler installation service that also majors on quality

One other worry that a lot of Londoners have, is cost. After all, you might be investing in boiler installation in the first place, because your existing boiler has become too costly due to day-to-day inefficiency and the need for constant expensive repairs.

So, you will be pleased to know that HGM Mechanical can offer you a completely free consultation and quotation. But our service will also be a genuinely bespoke one, and once our work is done, we will leave you with a manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty. This will help ensure longer-term peace of mind about the reliability and running costs associated with your new boiler.

Excellent value for money and quality of service are our utmost priorities here at HGM Mechanical, so why wait any longer? Simply reach out to our specialists in London boiler fitting for further information, advice, and your competitive quote.


  • Money Saver – A new boiler means you can sleep safe and sound knowing you shouldn’t encounter any expensive repair or replacement bills for a long time.
  • Further Efficiency – A new boiler is likely to save on energy consumption whilst simultaneously efficiently heating your home to keep you and your family warm.
  • Comprehensive warranty – Our boilers include a manufacturers parts and labour warranty of varying lengths.
  • Quiet around your home – Older boiler models can often be loud and clucky when asked to heat your home or warm your water. A newer model boiler will often be a lot more quiet.


Heat your home with control – Many newer boiler models feature setting which allow you to manage your heating system effectively, efficiently and with the environment in mind.

Why choose HGM?

We offer bespoke boiler installation service & free consultation for every customer throughout London, Essex & beyond.

our fantastic staff are trained to the highest industry expert standards

During your free quotation, we work with you and your chosen space to decide exactly what’s best for your home.

Ensure customers receive exceptional service and reliable solutions to whatever scenario their boiler installation falls under.

What to Consider When Thinking About A New Boiler Installation

What size do you have to work with?

Our specialist gas engineers will be your trusted adviser on this as we know exactly what space each model of boiler is optimal in. When we arrive for our free quotation, we work with you and your chosen space to decide exactly what’s best for your home.

How much water do you use?

If you live in a busy, frequently populated family home, you’re likely to have a much higher water usage than a single occupant in a one-bedroom flat. Different models can be suited for different needs, with some optimised for higher or more conservative water usage.

Minimising Installation Time

For ease of installation and minimal disruption, we would always advise you to have your new boiler fitted in the same place as the old one, as we know this is an effective place with very little extra work needed for a fully functioning boiler.

However, if you are determined to move the location of your boiler, our experts will still be happy to advise. Most people tend to go for kitchens or specific boiler cupboards, but you can place it in almost any room, as long as it has the correct pipework and our expert engineers can position the flue correctly.

Why Choose Our Boiler Installation in London & Essex?

We offer a bespoke boiler installation service for every customer throughout Essex to London & beyond. If you have decided to change or upgrade your boiler we offer an affordable boiler replacement to suit whatever your property or budget may be.

We can supply and install various gas boilers with a warranties that normally ranges between 5-10 years.

All of our fantastic staff are trained to the highest industry expert standards, to ensure customers receive exceptional service and reliable solutions to whatever scenario their boiler installation falls under.

Our customers choose us to keep them safe and warm through every season & every day of the year, so you no matter what surprises the British weather may throw at you, we’ve got you covered. We can assure you your boiler installation will be completed smoothly from start to finish in the quickest, most stress free amount of time possible.

Our Accreditations

We also have an incredible amount of accreditations and awards that make us fully qualified to deliver installations of all types and situations.

Our expert qualifications and accreditations include:

  • City and Guilds is for all plumbing and heating works and bathroom installations.
  • Chas- Health and safety used for all aspects.
  • Gas safe is for Boiler installation and boiler breakdowns.
  • Ideal max Accredited installers to install ideal boilers.
  • WRAS approved is for all plumbing and heating works and bathrooms.
  • MCS Certified installer is for ground source and air source heat pumps.
  • Unvented hot water certificate for unvented cylinders.

Common Questions

We will able to provide you with an estimated duration once we have quoted the job in hand. Often boiler installations can be done in a day, but in some cases where additional pipe work or a boiler location is needing to be moved, the duration may be longer than this.

Boiler installations can often be done quickly and efficiently with minimal noise or disruption. Where possible, your installer will always try as hard as they can to keep any noise to an absolute minimum when installing your new boiler.

We are fully insured company, so any issues will be dealt with correctly and swiftly. If there is any problem with your boiler installation then we provide a quick response with one of our engineers coming to survey the situation the very same day or the day after.